ugh they took spongebob squarepants off netflix so i have to watch it on amazon like some peasant

my favorite review of the history boys on IMDb


What the *beep*. I watched this movie for two hours, and they mention kissing, sucking off, *beep* sacking and in the end I get N A D A . What the *beep*. This is *beep* Why the *beep* did they make it like this and *beep* with our minds. You can’t make a film with 8 hot british boys being all touchy-feely, and ‘coming of age’ with implied blowing for grades and show N O T H I N G. Why the *beep* is this even rated R, I mean honestly, the actors were 18 anyway and they could’ve showed A N Y T H I N G. 5/8 of the boys were HOT HOT HOT, so effing fineeee. Atleast 2 of them were *willing* to do stuff with guys, with the rest ‘indifferent’ or even curious. Teenage boys are HORNY, they don’t just stop at HUGS, they want to *beep*. Especially not repressed teenage boys who go to British Grammar School. They didn’t even *beep* kiss, or a n y t h i n g. All we get is a *beep* hug. I don’t watch these kinds of films for *beep* hugs. I want passion, I want FIREWORKS! I want them to get on their little knees and start SUCKING! This is a form of *beep* psychological torture, you keep thinking any minute now, but IT NEVER *beep* COMES AND ONE OF THEM DIES.

*beep* THAT *beep*


You’re welcome


You’re welcome

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parents: “u should be more active”
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You know what they say! One man’s tragic flaw is another man’s pretty reasonable personality asset under the circumstances, I guess. Do…do they say that?

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what do you do at hogwarts if you start your period? 

like do you go and see madam promfrey? or your head of year? because i’m just trying to imagine the slytherin girls going snape and asking for tampons


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